Daily First Deposit 300%

Daily First Deposit 300%

Daily First Deposit Bonus 300%

How to Apply:

After Deposit, Player must apply promotion without playing a bet and system will auto approve.

Rules and Regulations:

1. This promotion can apply one member – one time per day

2. This promotion is for each first deposit of the day

3. To withdraw, player must complete the required turnover 20x times, system will automatically deduct it exceed amount.

4. This promotion is valid for all Slots game.

5. Same IP can’t apply this promotion.

Terms & Conditions:

👉 The promotion cannot be combined with any promotional offers.

👉 Before changing to another promotion, members must complete the current promotion and complete the turnover/balance requirements.

👉 The system takes approximately 10-20 minutes to calculate the turnover/balance to unlock the promotion for members.

👉 Super JiLi reserves the right to modify, alter, discontinus, cancel, refuse or void this promotion at its sole discretion.

👉 Super JiLi reserves the right to freeze all accounts and funds without notice to any individual or organization suspected of using dishonest methods to receive promotion benefits.

👉 Super JiLi has the right top a final understanding to avoid misundestanding the withen information, our customer service can be contacted for clarification.